Corporate Information
Ginkgo Residential is proud to take its name from the legendary tree whose strong roots, resiliency and natural beauty are a reminder of our ecological responsibility.  Ginkgo Residential stands firm in its commitment to serving the middle market by providing reasonably priced, high-quality rental housing that is energy efficient and environmentally sensitive. We are a fully integrated real estate operating company that provides management for apartment homes throughout the Southeastern United States. Our management team has worked together for nearly 20 years, most notably as the executive team at BNP Residential Properties, a successful multifamily REIT formerly listed on the American Stock Exchange.   

Ginkgo adheres to the principles of responsible property investment, which emphasize improving the energy-efficiency of middle-market rental housing in a way that improves operating returns and economic value.  We have a highly disciplined approach to rehabilitation and maintenance, leasing, operations and management.  Our high standards of appearance, maintenance and service place our properties firmly at the top of the markets we serve.  

Not only do we operate our own apartment communities, we also provide management for others.  We strive to apply all of these principles to our managed properties as well.

The need for reasonably priced middle-market housing has been increasing for more than a decade, and today’s economic challenges are fueling the need even further.  Ginkgo Residential remains committed to providing an environmentally smart, responsible solution.

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