Why Ginkgo?
Why do we call ourselves Ginkgo? We thought you might be wondering.

The Ginkgo is an ancient tree known for its beauty, resilience and longevity. On first sight, the Ginkgo is a magnificent tree, growing 100 feet and higher. Its unique, fanshaped leaves are green in the summer, then turn to a breathtaking gold in the fall, delighting its closer observers with streaks of green and gold as it transitions.

It’s a tenacious tree, deep-rooted and resistant to damage from wind, snow, fire, pests, disease and urban pollution. It’s happy in most types of soil, even in confined spaces. Its ability to form aerial roots affords the tree a long life, even when faced with challenges like soil erosion and crown damage as roots spring from the branch bottoms to grow into the ground. Some trees are reported to be over 1,500 years old.

The Ginkgo makes an ideal tree for many settings - in the country, in the city, in a bonsai pot. It’s an eager plant, easy to propagate from seed and determined to live. After the 1945 atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, six Ginkgoes were among the few living things to survive.

But its history is what truly sets the Ginkgo apart. It’s known as a living fossil, the oldest tree in the world, the only survivor of an ancient family whose roots date back 200 million years. Buddhist monks in China cultivated the trees for their gardens, and Westerners eventually brought specimens overseas. Now, Ginkgoes grace virtually every city in the United States. Here, as in China and Japan, extracts from the Ginkgo’s leaves are treasured for a variety of health benefits.

The Ginkgo defines our ideal as a company: Attractive and strong, deep-rooted, adaptable, progressive, tenacious and far-reaching, with surprising benefits to offer a variety of individuals.

As Ginkgo Residential strives to be a greener, more environmentally sensitive operation with every step we take, aligning ourselves with the Ginkgo seemed a natural choice.

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